Creating an ECE Narrative

Creating an ECE Narrative96e603df-4f0b-4576-af27-7f3d5dcfe7ad
Are you documenting your stories?
Your story is part of San Francisco’s Early Care and Education Narrative. Early care and education is being talked about nationally, at the state level, and in San Francisco. Those who provide our children with care and education every day, who study and experience what infants, toddlers, young children and providers need, have important insights to share. That’s you!

Document your stories. At the 9th Annual ECE Leadership Conference on February 7, keynote Patty Siegel talked about the impact telling our collective stories can have. Create a place to collect your and your community’s stories–it can be the colorful files handed out at the conference, an electronic file, or whatever works for you–but take a moment to save those stories so they are ready!

Share your story! Let our community and elected leaders know about what we need to provide quality care and education and why our children, families, and community need it. Send them to –we will help build a collective narrative of San Francisco’s ECE community of parents, teachers, and children–and let you know great times to write letters to the editor, engage in social media, or contact leaders.

What story to share?

Yours could be:

  • How San Francisco’s Minimum Wage impacts you, your co-worker, your site, or the care you provide.
  • What supports you need/have to best help you provide quality care and education.
  • How you have or have not been able to access and afford the child care you want and need. What has it done for you/your child?
  • Or something else important to share …

Imagine your story on Twitter, FaceBook, in a letter to the editor, or before a legislator! Even short and simple can be effective. Here’s one from the ECE Leadership Conference: