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SF needs $10M more for early education, says advocate

City Hall rally supports higher wages for early education teachers

Publication: Bay City News

“More than 1,000 people, including hundreds of young children, rallied in front of San Francisco City Hall Friday morning to support higher wages for early care educators.

During the sixth annual Walk Around the Block event, organized by the San Francisco Child Care Providers’ Association, parents, children and educators called upon local leaders to support higher wages for early education teachers and childcare providers.

Early care teachers, however, are not getting paid enough, with most earning about $32,000 per year, which is $24,700 below the median salary of a K-12 public school teacher, ECESF said…”

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“Sixth Annual Walk Around the Block” Event for Early Childhood Educator Pay Equity

Date: April 15, 2016
Publication: Mission Promise Neighborhood

“Making a little over $35,000 doesn’t go very far in San Francisco, especially with housing costs through the roof. Imagine that meager pay level when you have already made an investment in post-secondary education. Such is the case for the City’s 4,415 Early Childhood Education (ECE) professionals, who average $16.85 an hour and with 82 percent having attended college (one-third having achieved a Bachelor’s degree). ECE has the dubious distinction of affording graduates the lowest lifetime earnings of any college major.”

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6th Annual Walk Around the Block!

Wu Yee children and staff gathered on the steps of City Hall to join hundreds of other children and advocates for Early Childhood Education for the 6th Annual Walk Around the Block.

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Early childhood educators deserve equal play

Author: Sara Hicks-Kilday
Date: April 21, 2016
Publication: El Tecolote

“As a community, we need to speak out and ensure that early childhood educators have the resources needed to take care of themselves and their own families, so they are able to provide the care and education our youngest deserve. Let’s start with pay on par with K-12 educators and work together to make San Francisco livable for families and educators.”

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