Write A Letter

Postcard to your Supervisor

We need our SF Supervisors to recognize early childhood educator compensation as a community priority. Write in your supervisor’s name. Add a message. And be sure to sign with your name, address, and zip code!

Use a message below, or create your own to add to the message on the card.
  • Did you know over 1/3 of SF sites report they could increase their capacity if they could hire a teacher? Support increased ECE funding to raise wages and increase places!
  • Increased compensation = increased spaces. Support increased ECE funding!
  • Did you know infants and toddlers made up most of the wait list, are the most costly to care for, and infant toddler educators the hardest to find? Support increase ECE funding for wages and affordable spaces!

Click here to download the postcards – 4 per page
Click here to download directions for writing postcard in your community


Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor and elected leaders broadcast our issues and message to the wider San Francisco and Bay Area. Please take a moment to use our guidelines to write a letter today. You can view tips from our Week of the Young Child letters to the editor here. See the sample letter below that can help you start writing! When you are done please share your letter with us: info@ecesf.org. Let us know we can share it online, &/or use it in our numbers to let leaders know how many letters have been sent.

Dear [Editor/Elected official/Community member]:

[Pick a bullet point or fact from one of the two CPAC flyers (one-pager on Teacher Pay and their photographic) that fits with your personal story. How has the issue impacted you, your colleagues, your family, or someone you know? Or why is this issue important to you? Remember to be concise. Most publications want letter 250 to 300 words, some request under 200.]


Did you know that despite working full time, almost half of Early Childhood Educators need to rely on food stamps and subsidized housing to survive? This is second only to fast food workers. Is that how we should treat the people that care for and educate San Francisco’s children?

[In a sentence or two—or a short paragraph, tell about how this impacts your site, children you care for, you, and/or your colleagues if it does. If you don’t have a story for this bulleted fact, pick another. Then sign your name. Thanks for taking the time to write a letter!]


[YOUR NAME] [YOUR City, State] [Month, DD, YYYY]