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The early care and education system’s most pressing issues are securing funds to cover the true cost of providing care and education, and ensuring a stable system of delivery of early care and education is shaped by those who deliver and receive early care and education to support best delivery through meaningful, quality, and joyous work. Securing adequate funding and shaping policy and systems that meet both family and educator needs are issues on the local, state, and federal levels.

Endorse the Prop C Pledge.

Endorse the Prop C Pledge

10,000 Postcard Campaign.

Refer to our page dedicated to this ongoing issue. If you still have cards, we still want them.

10,000 Postcard Campaign

Four perspectives: Hope & tragedy of early care & education

Watch ECESF’s skit about early care & education in San Francisco from the perspectives of a child, a parent, a teacher, and an ECE program administrator. Developed by SF ECE educators and parents for presentations at conferences and events in San Francisco.

Teachers can’t afford to stay. Parents can’t afford to pay. We need to fund another way! #ecesf #worthywages #YesonC