Donations help expand ECESF work connecting the early care and education community, building leadership, and advocating for what educators need in order to provide the ECE all children and families deserve.

ECESF is dedicated to advocating for more resources to Early Care and Education—and are proud to be leaders of the successful passage of Prop C (June 2018) and Prop F (Nov. 2020), releasing over $400M for Early Care & Education for use immediately. Increased funding is essential, and so is our ongoing work to ensure that the funds are used in the most effective way to impact quality of life and education issues for San Francisco’s children, families, and educators. To ensure best use of funds we need to hear from you—and each other—we need to be organized. ECESF connects educators with educators to identify priorities, build unity, and create a strong community voice to be heard by policy makers, key departments, and our community.

Donate today to support ECESF advocacy and organizing!

  • $500 — funds a focus group to ensure ECE site teachers’ opinions are included in important policy decisions
  • $250 — covers substitute or lost wages to release an educator for a day of advocacy
  • $100 — pays for interpretation services for a two hour meeting
  • $50 — funds a teacher to participate in two focus group meetings
  • $25 — buys books and materials for our educator leadership circles
  • $5.50 — covers postage to send information to 10 educators

Thank you for supporting early care educator leadership!


ECESF (Tax ID/EIN: 47-2219433) is a non-profit 501(c) 3 contributions are fully tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Our legal name is San Francisco Early Care Educators Resource Program (SFECERP). ECESF is our current and SFCCPA a past DBA name. The Tax ID/EIN 47-2219433 and non-profit 501 (c) 3 status are associated with both our legal and DBA names.