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Our work is focused on reaching out to educators at child care sites across San Francisco—those interested in making change, and those who haven’t yet thought considered their role in making the change they need happen. We need you to make our work successful. Here’s how to get started…

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There is something for everyone! Whether you are an educator, administrator, or pedagogical lead at a San Francisco ECE site, an ally who knows that making a difference at the workplace and for the workforce is a key to improved services, or someone who’s just dropped in to find out more about ECE or ECESF.

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Look through the gallery to see the faces of San Francisco’s early care and education community. Read their written stories to see both why they love educating and caring for our youngest children, and the challenges that come with working in ECE.


I am the mother of a 4 yr old. ECE is important to me because of the quality care that my child gets from being there. ECE is the first step to broadening the life of young people. Allow our educators who teach our children the chance to take care of their families.


I am a 21 yr old African American male. I am afraid I won’t be able to make a decent wage of living in San Francisco as a teacher.


I have been teaching preschool for 15 years! I am making $19.28 an hour. Rent in Oakland is $1400 for a 1 bd and most landlords have denied me rentals because I don’t make three times the rent. This unfair wage makes it hard for a single mother of 2 to survive and re-pay student loans.

I love ECE because I love being with the children. But the reality is… I can’t afford anything. My income can’t provide basic needs for my family!


I am 32 year old I have 2 children year 19 month and 13 year. I do not work I can pay someone to help me with my children. Daycare is too expensive and we pay expensive rent too. I am lucky my mother-in-law helps me so I be able to study for better future.


I used to be a preschool teacher. I had to quit and return to the tech field because in 2006, $18/hr was not enough to support myself and pay my mortgage.