Early Care Educators of San Francisco, or ECESF, (formerly The San Francisco Child Care Providers’ Association, or SFCCPA) keeps providers of early care and education and the issues they face at the core of decisions about new SF and State policies and programs that impact the delivery of child care because we know that the provision of sustainable, effective, and accessible early care and education requires a stable, skilled, and well-resourced and compensated workforce.

To achieve change, ECESF networks diverse early care and education providers to learn from one another and build a common message and voice. Providers in our community include all who are directly involved with the provision of care and education to children: center and family child care teachers, owner-operators, site supervisors and directors, nannies and informal caregivers, independent private and non-profit, CDE-contracted, Head Start, and SFUSD sites. We welcome allies and build our message in communication with the families and community served, while convening and educating stakeholders and policy makers.

ECESF History

Established in 1997 as the San Francisco Child Care Providers’ Association, Early Childhood Educators of San Francisco (ECESF) grew out of the Asian Providers Association (APA), an organization with a similar mission. APA started formalizing in the mid-eighties to help strengthen early education programs through professional training and advocacy to make changes in policies impacting the field. APA, and initially ECESF, was fiscally sponsored by Wu Yee Children’s Services. As the early care and education community mobilized around the impact of low-wages and high turnover of the quality of care and education, and pushed forward solutions focused on teacher retention through increased compensation and resources, an opportunity to broaden the geographical reach of the organization was created, and ECESF emerged. Since its inception, ECESF has built unity and community among early childhood educators and their allies throughout San Francisco, particularly focused on strengthening the voice of all child care teachers and program providers working directly with children.

ECESF works directly with early care and education providers to shape the ECESF program and content. Program goals are to promote leadership from the field; bring early childhood educators together across the diverse sectors to build a common voice; and ensure that the resources and policies essential to providing the best care and education for children, including concerns of the early care and education (ECE) workforce, are represented in community discussions and ECE policy decisions.

ECESF provides input on local policy and program implementation, initially advising administrators on the roll out of SF CARES in 1999, and continuing with other programs including Wages Plus, now C-Wages, the mental health consultation program, and the need for increases in standardized reimbursement rates. ECESF is actively involved with the current SF-wide ECE planning process.

ECESF is recognized across San Francisco, with alliances and participants dedicated to early care and education as well as broader child- and family-friendly goals. With a current outreach list of over one thousand five hundred, ECEF turns out hundreds to annual events including its ECE Leadership conference, and over 1,000 to the early care and education community promotion and advocacy event, Walk Around the Block.


Funders & Supporters

The Office of Early Care and Education (OECE) funds ECESF to provide field building and peer support to early care and education providers.

ECESF also receives donations and in-kind supports from individual early care and education providers and allies, as well as from community organizations and agencies. Organizations and agencies that have donated funds, materials, venues, collaborated on projects, and other supports include the California Early Childhood Mentor Program, Child Care Planning and Advisory Council (CPAC), Children’s Council of San Francisco, City College SF, EDVance/SFSU, Family Child Care Association (FCCA), First 5 SF, Low Income Investment Fund, and Wu Yee Children’s Services.

We welcome your support and participation.