What We Do

Creating a Vibrant Community

We recognize that children’s joy of learning and success in life depends on their caregivers’ quality of life—including their parents, guardians, and educators. With ECESF’s mission at our core, we work to strengthen the ECE community by bringing educators together, providing an opportunity to deepen our understanding of issues and policies facing us, identify priorities, and build a vision prioritizing caregiving and caregivers.

ECESF holds regular meetings, get-togethers, and special events to support educator personal and workplace well-being; promote leadership; network with other educators; and include your voice in ongoing discussions which impact educator work and livelihood. Special events include topical workshops, guest speakers, collaborative initiatives, or an event on a topic you would like to introduce. Educator perspectives brought to these gatherings help inform San Francisco and statewide policy discussions.

Please fill out the ECESF interest form (English, Español, 中文) to help us plug you into the meetings, events, and communications most meaningful to you. Below are the types of ECESF gatherings we currently offer:

For ECESF board members, teacher, administrator, and pedagogical leaders dedicated to growing ECESF and organizing a strong educator voice rooted in our mission, vision, and principles.

For teachers to reimagine and get to know both ECE issues and other educators more deeply. We come together in ECESF teachers’ meetings to gain information, evaluate priorities, and plan steps to make change. 

For early care educators, pedagogues, or administrators to reflect on your unique needs and experiences in small affinity groups. Join us to go deeper into teaching, life, learning, community, and other topics. Focus groups are facilitated by ECESF core leaders as a starting place to get to know ECESF. 

For you to bring your authentic self, get to know each other and the ECE landscape. ECESF lounges are an informal space allowing for the important connections and dynamic thinking that often occur in the staff lounge or outside of the workplace. These gatherings help bring new ideas to our other meetings and events. 


Check the event calendar for upcoming ECE community events, including ECESF highlighted and special events.



ECESF Special Events


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Women’s History of Caregiving