What We Do

Creating a Vibrant Community

We recognize that children’s joy of learning and success in life depends on their caregivers’ quality of life—including their parents, guardians, and their educators. With ECESF’s mission at our core, we work to strengthen the ECE community by bringing educators together. Our programs provide an opportunity to deepen our understanding of issues and policies facing our field, identify our priorities, and build a vision prioritizing caregiving and caregivers. 

ECESF holds regular meetings, get-togethers, and special events to support educator personal and workplace well-being; promote leadership; network with other educators; and include your voice in ongoing discussions which impact educator work and livelihood. Special events include topical workshops, guest speakers, collaborative initiatives, or perhaps an event on a topic you would like to introduce. Educator viewpoints brought to these gatherings help inform San Francisco and statewide policy discussions.

Together, We Make Change

Our ECE system is complex and can be difficult to understand, explain, and improve. Early educators often do not have the opportunity to reflect with one another at their own site, let alone with educators working across the city. San Francisco and California ECE policy and program meetings are often missing the voices of early care educators working directly with children and families. By creating space to reflect and plan together, ECESF seeks to address just that—we build a common understanding, identify priorities and points of unity, and create a vision for caregiving and caregivers that values and supports children, families, and educators. We invite you to join us and together we can make the change we need!

Together, We Share Knowledge Through Dialogue

While we come together in different ways, all ECESF convenings cover topics related to our mission and principles, including, but not limited to:

  • Fair Compensation: teacher stipends, pay parity movement
  • Workplace conditions: staffing, paid prep time, labor laws
  • Equity and social justice issues in the workplace 
  • Teacher retention, belonging, and support
  • Understanding current ECE systems and funding
  • How to organize a powerful ECE movement 
  • Connecting ECE with other social issues/movements
  • Current issues, policy, and advocacy for ECE 
  • Mental Health, wellness, and wellbeing
  • COVID: PPE/Guidelines
  • Unemployment, social services, and other resources
  • Topics related to our mission and introduced by participants

Together, We Are Rooted in Principles

ECESF believes we must ground our organizing in a framework of principles. Our work together is rooted in our guiding principles here

Be part of the ECESF community — attend our events, share your story, volunteer, sign up for our newsletter, or let us know issues, groups, and events important to you.

Monthly ECESF and Special Meetings

Check the event calendar for upcoming ECESF meetings & events, as well as community events of interest to early care educators.

ECESF Core Advisory Policy & Program (CAPP) meetings  

ECESF holds monthly meetings to keep educators connected with each other, up-to-date on  policy and programs affecting San Francisco’s diverse ECE sites. We build a common understanding of priority issues at our workplaces and in our lives, become more familiar with the landscape of the field, and create a vision for caregiving and caregivers.

ECESF Lounge

The most important information, dynamic thinking, and connections often occur in the staff lounge, at the coffee shop, or in other informal spaces. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we looked around and asked, where can early educators come together, bringing their whole self, to share their needs and visions? Outside of classrooms, professional development, or PLCs focused on educational requirements, we could not find that space. Therefore, ECESF has created the lounge as a space for you to reimagine, and get to know both issues and other educators more deeply.

ECE Issues Event

The ECESF Early Care & Education Issues Event offers and opportunity for center and family child care educators, and parents to present ECE issues to policy leaders, including San Francisco supervisors and state representatives. Over the last four years the event has been held as a luncheon near the San Francisco City Hall.

Events & Updates

ECESF sends messages and a bi-monthly newsletter, Events & Updates, with information relevant to San Francisco’s ECE providers including upcoming ECESF and other ECE events, legislative and policy updates, best practices in ECE, professional development opportunities, and more. Sign up for ECESF updates here.