What We Do

Creating a Vibrant Community

ECESF works to strengthen the ECE community by creating opportunities to come together as providers, and maintain a close dialogue with families and other ECE allies. Be part of the ECESF community by attending our events, sharing your story, holding an ECESF event in your community, suggesting a collaboration, or letting us know issues and events important to you.

Let us know how you would like to participate, contribute, and share your story.

Monthly ECESF and Special Meetings

ECESF community meetings are held monthly, at Children’s Council and other host locations, with occasional breaks for holidays, summer, or special meetings. Meetings provide an opportunity to network, promote leadership, share resources and topics useful to work with children and families, keep up with state and local policy and budget decisions impacting early care and education, and include your voice in ongoing policy discussions. The ECESF director listens closely to provider voices at these and other face-to-face meetings to inform her input in San Francisco and statewide policy discussions. Special meetings, including ECESF/Director Seminars, collaborations with City College SF, or perhaps an event with you, are held in various locations throughout the city.

Check the event calendar for an upcoming ECESF event.

ECESF's Early Care Educator Creative Action Network (#ECECAN!)

SF ECECAN is ECESF’s dedicated space for early childhood educators to come together, grow leadership skills, produce messaging through multiple media languages expressing ECE experiences, needs, and vision, and develop, practice, and implement creative advocacy.

Annual ECE Leadership Conference

The Annual ECE Leadership Conference brings together providers from all over San Francisco and from different types of child care programs to learn about ECE issues and practices from each other and invited guests. The conference consists of presentations and workshops relevant to and selected by ECE providers in San Francisco, promotes professional and leadership development, and provides a networking forum for providers, advocates, community organizations, and other stakeholders. The conference will be held in late winter/early spring.

Walk Around the Block

ECESF organizes a Walk Around the Block event during the annual Week of the Young Child. Growing numbers of children, providers, parents, and allies gather on the city hall steps to hear speakers from the community, and then make some noise themselves in a walk around the city hall block. Last year the event attracted over 500 to the SF City Hall steps, with additional activities around the city attracting another 500. This event is a public promotion of the importance of early childhood education. You can see photos and news coverage from the 2017 Walk Around the Block here.

ECE Issues Event

The ECESF Early Care & Education Issues Event offers and opportunity for center and family child care educators, and parents to present ECE issues to policy leaders, including San Francisco supervisors and state representatives. Over the last four years the event has been held as a luncheon near the San Francisco City Hall.

Events & Updates

ECESF sends messages and a bi-monthly newsletter, Events & Updates, with information relevant to San Francisco’s ECE providers including upcoming ECESF and other ECE events, legislative and policy updates, best practices in ECE, professional development opportunities, and more. Sign up for ECESF updates here.