Ivy Sw Ng, ECESF Board member

Ivy earned two Master Degrees in Early Childhood Education and Educational Administration from San Francisco State University. She also holds an Administrative Credential and a Multiple Subject Credential. She has been a Principal in the San Francisco Unified School District since 2008. Before becoming a school administrator, she was working as a teacher in the district for eight years.  

When Ivy was a Research Fellow of San Francisco Education Fund, she conducted an Action Research Study in Curriculum Implementation and the research paper was published in the Teachers Network Leadership Institute, titled ‘A New Experience Teaching Phonemic Awareness’. Ivy’s study examined the challenges for young English Language Learners to achieve phonemic awareness skills in an English-language classroom.

Ivy was also a Mentor teacher and a Director Mentor in California Early Childhood Mentor Program. She provided guidance and support to other administrators and teachers on cultivating high quality learning environments and teaching. With a lifelong passion for teaching and a firm belief that the classroom should foster a safe and fun learning experience for students, she inspires her teachers to facilitate classroom activities that actively engage the young learners.