Mission, Vision, and Principles


Our mission is to work for the highest quality early care and education and quality of life for all of San Francisco’s diverse young children, families, and caregivers by recognizing and strengthening the influence and expertise of early care educators and building unity with families and community allies to access needed resources.


A world where teachers are well-compensated and empowered; families are supported and engaged in their child’s care and education; and children are nurtured, educated, and thriving.


We are early care educators working with families to nurture and educate the youngest of our community.

We believe … 
  • Early care and education is a public good, needs to be universal, publicly funded, and community-driven.
  • Education at its most impactful is rooted in love and relationship, and is an act of liberation—self-actualizing for all unique experiences and social identities— which nurtures the soil of our democracy and humanity. Care and education are not separable.
  • Calling for just compensation and decent working and living conditions for all caregivers and educators challenges racism, sexism, and degradation at the root of low-waged reproductive work.
  • Children, teachers, and families in vital learning and care communities are all learners co-constructing their learning and care.
  • Early care and education and paid family leave are essential supports for families.
  • Healthy communities share wealth to support human development, well-being, and quality of life.

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