SFCCPA June 11, 2016 News Updates

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Child Care Providers Struggle to Afford Rising Minimum Wage

BAndrew Stelzer

JUNE 9, 2016

“If you’ve got kids, or are expecting one, you’ve probably been warned a million times: Child care is expensive. But just how expensive is it here in the Bay Area?

About $1,800 a month and up for an infant, according to Kim Kruckel with the Child Care Law Center in San Francisco.

The price might come down a bit once your kid is walking or out of diapers, but not by much. It means that monthly expense is more than rent or a mortgage payment for most people. So why does child care cost so much?”

KQED News. Read the full article and hear the radio piece here.

It Takes a Policy

by Paul Krugman

“I’m talking about policy. Judged by what we actually do – or, more accurately, don’t do – to help small children and their parents, America is unique among advanced countries in its utter indifference to the lives of its youngest citizens.”

Published in The New York Times. Read more here.

SF Teachers Struggle Amid Costly Housing

by Heather Knight and Joaquin Palomino

“To afford a one-bedroom unit in the city at the median monthly rate of $3,500, the average teacher would have to spend 64 percent of his or her salary on housing – by far the highest proportion of any large school district in California.”

Published in the SFChronicle. Read more here.