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City College of San Francisco

City College SF, GE Courses for Child Development Students and CDEV/ECE Workforce

Are you, or do you know Child Development students or individuals working with children who would like to:

  • earn their A.S. degree
  • get their Teacher permit
  • and/or transfer to a 4 year university?
Enroll in the “Supervising Adults” class at City College of San Francisco! Apply to be a CA Mentor Teacher!

Please register early. This course is a requirement for the top three child development permits (option 1) and is one of the minimum eligibility requirements to apply to be a Mentor Teacher for the CA Early Childhood Mentor Program.

The course covers, methods and principles of supervising adults in early childhood classrooms. Emphasis on the role of the experienced teacher who functions as the supervisor to center staff. Explores the head teacher’s relationship to new teachers while simultaneously addressing the needs of children, parents and other staff.

For information contact Anna Wolde-Yohannes, awoldeyo@mail.ccsf.edu.


New to the field of Child Development? Need support to complete your Child Development courses? Need a Job? Starting a Career with Children? Just starting at CCSF? Join the ECE Cohort with JVS and CCSF and receive support, tutoring, classes, a CDEV Permit and internship/job assistance. Contact info@jvs.org to join!

CCSF’s Early Childhood Education department is called Child Development and Family studies. See more here. They offer many majors and certificates, click here for a list of all. To find a list of classes currently offered, click here. You can search this list by department (Child Dev/Family Studies).

San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University has both undergraduate and graduate programs in Child Development. The undergraduate Program is within the Department of Child & Adolescent Development and is a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Child and Adolescent Development. You can see classes currently offered here. You can see scholarships and financial aid compiled by the Department of Child & Adolescent Development here. To see more stipends and scholarships offered for these programs on our website, click here.

The graduate program  is within the Graduate College of Education, which offers many different degrees and certificates. You can see classes currently offered here. You can see more scholarships compiled by the Graduate College of Education here.

More Information

The Child Development Training Consortium has an extensive list of California Community Colleges, California State Universities and training provider websites.