Build Our Message


Humans think in story. Details and impact on individuals with names and faces matter. The most memorable appeals to leaders and our community is your story woven into an ECE picture. We need a wealth of stories to build an effective “narrative” and campaign for the change early care providers and children need.

Let our community and elected leaders know about what we need to provide quality care and education and why our children, families, and community need it.


Azul's Story: Partnering with SFCCPA to grow as an ECE Professional

San Francisco Child Care Providers’ Association (SFCCPA) supports early care and education teachers in developing their leadership and advocacy skills through a variety of meetings and trainings.  The SFCCPA Leadership program covers teachers’ costs to travel and attend ECE conferences and events.  As an SFCCPA Leader, Azul Muller took part in the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia, in November 2017.

“I ended up in this field because of my nephew. He is on the Autism spectrum and was diagnosed at three years old. He began preschool in the local school district, and I saw the struggles my mom and my sister faced trying to get support for his needs. My nephew’s teachers, his therapist, and we as a family were not on the same page about his goals. It was very challenging for me to watch, even though I was still in high school. I asked myself, ‘Why is it so difficult?’ When I went to college, I decided to take child development classes, and I began to reflect on my own upbringing and the upbringing of my nephew. I love working with young children because I know I have the ability to make positive change in their lives.”