10,000 Postcard Campaign—Thanks for CARES 2.0!

Our advocacy with City Hall has made an impact. Early care educators in SF funded programs will receive CARES 2.0 stipends. As part of the ECE for All Coalition we’re collecting 10,000 Postcards to let Mayor Breed know we are paying attention—and we’re not done. Join us!

We’re collecting Thank You Postcards. Why?

We want to let Mayor Breed and City Hall know that we appreciate the support. We also know our job is not done. We need to show our strength in numbers so we can continue to advocate successfully for San Francisco’s children, families, and the stable workforce they need to best serve them—a goal which is far from met.

Stipends help educators today—but we need permanent wage increases, more educators included in city and state funding, as well as health care, planning time, and curriculum goals and expertise to serve each child and family in our community. Make sure your voice is heard!

Our goal: 10,000 postcards

Show our strength—and how important it is to fund ECE! Help us send 10,000 postcards to Mayor Breed. Collect postcards with your teachers, families, and community. Encourage them to make their voices in support of ECE heard.

Start collecting at your site today:

Check the Office of Early Care & Education (OECE) website for information on CARES 2.0.

To endorse the pledge click here. For more information on the Prop C endorsement campaign click here.

More information on Prop C and the court case blocking our funding found at ECE in the news.