SFCCPA June 28 News Update

Thank you to all who took the time to contact their elected leaders to let them know how important ECE is to the city and county of San Francisco! We are happy to announce that $4 Million in additional resources were added to the budget for ECE in the add back process last week. Dominic […]

SFCCPA June 20, 2017 News Update

Monday’s San Francisco Chronicle featured a front page article by Rachel Swan, SF pressured to help families struggling with day care, preschool. Ms. Swan has indicated she is interested in additional stories, and while this story focused more on families, she would like to focus on the educator angle as well – how are we faring? See talking […]

Thank you for coming to the 2017 SFCCPA ECE Issues Luncheon!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the SFCCPA ECE Issues Luncheon on June 2nd. It was great to have elected leaders in the house: Senator Wiener, Assemblymember Chiu, Supervisor Yee, Supervisor Fewer, Supervisor Sheehy, and Kayleigh Lloyd, legislative aide to Supervisor Breed. Thanks also to Monica Walters, Exec. Dir., Wu Yee Children’s Services, CPAC Chair, CCEECE founder; Dr. Lygia Stebbing, EDvance Director at SF State University; and […]

SFCCPA May 19, 2017 News Update

SFCCPA News Update for San Francisco’s Early Care & Education Providers   May 19, 2017 Recent news articles highlight the struggle for affordable housing for teachers in San Francisco – and announcements of the Mayor’s commitment to teacher housing and child care for children who are homeless. How do these stories and announcements relate to ECE teacher experiences, […]

Our ECE community in action – Walk Around the Block 2017

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Walk Around the Block today and the Young Child’s March in Sacramento on Monday. Today we had over 500 early educators, children, parents, and community supporters at City Hall, and a total of over 800 walking and writing letters in neighborhoods throughout the city. What a Week of the Young Child this has been! It was great to […]

SFCCPA December 2, 2016 News Update

We want to share some news from the federal level with you that could impact ECE in the coming years. Betsy DeVos has been nominated to fill the position of Education Secretary in the next administration. To learn more about her and what this means for education in the U.S. you can read two articles […]

SFCCPA November 4, 2016 News Update

We invite you to look at a topical Atlantic article, The New Preschool Is Crushing Kids. It is an exploration of the effect of a focus on accountability, higher academic goals, and standards on the learning of young children. The author concludes, “here’s what the Finns, who don’t begin formal reading instruction until around age 7, […]

SFCCPA August 12, 2016 News Update

There have been a couple of reports on the early childhood workforce released over the summer. The State of the Early Childhood Workforce (SECW) Initiative, a multi-year project, released an interactive index providing a current look at “workforce conditions and policies” nation-wide. Take a look at California and other states. Their work has been generating news […]

SFCCPA August 8, 2016 News Update

Please see the updates below from CPAC on the 2016-2017 California and San Francisco Budget. Sara Hicks-Kilday SFCCPA Dear CPAC Community, The San Francisco Board of Supervisors officially adopted the city budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year, which brings the local and state budget season to a close. CPAC Members should be very happy with the results […]

SFCCPA June 11, 2016 News Updates

See the below recent news relevant to the ECE community. Child Care Providers Struggle to Afford Rising Minimum Wage By Andrew Stelzer JUNE 9, 2016 “If you’ve got kids, or are expecting one, you’ve probably been warned a million times: Child care is expensive. But just how expensive is it here in the Bay Area? About $1,800 […]

SFCCPA May 6, 2016 News Updates

We want to bring to your attention two reports recently released addressing the importance of investments in early care and education. The California Budget & Policy Center analysis addresses the policies needed to go along with the local and now state-wide minimum wage increases. The Right Start Commission Report, Rebuilding the American Dream, assesses the current landscape, and proposes short- and […]

Thank you for coming to the 6th Annual Walk Around the Block!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Walk Around the Block today! We had over 500 early educators, children, parents, and community supporters at City Hall, and a total of over 1,000 walking and writing letters in neighborhoods throughout the city! It was great to hear from Supervisor Norman Yee; Mawuli Tugbenyoh Legislative Aide to Supervisor Malia Cohen; Mission […]